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Time for Transition - September and October

Art carries an intrinsic adventure. It drives me to push the boundary of intellectual openness through travel and the blurring of concepts into an abstract pattern of connectedness. Though uncertainty abounds in the pursuit of art, I know that preparation and honest reflection rewards one with the greatest chance to see all the positive aspects of adventure. September and October saw the overlap of one part of my life with the next:

September was jam-packed (as all my months tend to be >_<) with music events. There were about 10 gigs interspersed between the Pizza Patio and Firecreek events... not to mention Scum Drops, Aric, Amanda and Matt's Original-Only Open Mic.

October had about 13 shows including the Orpheum Battle of the Bands, the Caturday adoption show (which landed me in the AZ Daily Sun!), another of Matt's originals-only open mics, and a performance for the Flagstaff Celtic Ensemble!

I began slowing my obligations near the end of the month to accommodate the density of music I needed to keep up with...

I've made many friends and grown magnificently in the 6 years I've spent in Flagstaff. The venues, the work, the energies and attitudes of the town have become comfortable, loveable and familiar. Hotel Monte V to The Orpheum, Dark Sky Brewery to the patios and outdoor spaces; PEAK School, Blue Truck Handyman, Pasiovi Landscaping, property owners, business owners, musicians and artists; the streets I've walked and boarded and biked; the trails and campsites I've visited; I call this high desert town Home.

I knew November would shake my etch-a-sketch world with isolation and yet, the adventure of Art. I looked forward with a hunger I had not felt since leaving Houston, Texas. This emerging era of my life begins with a genuine step to believing in myself and the ability to cope and overcome.

This BLOG entry is abridged due to its untimeliness; check the next entry for details on how it has played out through November and December!

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