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The Musical Memorial Day

Three local Flagstaff artists come together on Saturday May 28 to provide 3 hours of well-crafted original music. We're talking a loud, dance-y time in the Awa Kava parking lot! Bring a friend before you kick off for the rest of the evening and try a kava bowl, some coffee or other mixed drink at Awa!

Just $10 to witness ::

Piso Mojado

Lumen Lignum

Lumen Lignum formed during the chaos of the recent pandemic. Though a number of songs had been authored years before, they decided to "go public" in Flagstaff, Arizona as soon as venues opened up (for open mic) in 2021. The 4-piece band has an organic, acoustic sound that can be uniquely described as "deep woods, folk rock".

Like the deep woods, there are dark shadows, earthy tones and filtered light, making for relevant and redemptive lyrical contemplation. The music is upbeat and energetic yet gritty and sobering, weaving elements of folk rock, country, blues, and even reggae. Influences include Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews, Jars of Clay, 16 Horsepower, Johnny Cash, Sixpence None the Richer, CCR... The band features a blend of both male and female lead vocals, and folk percussion.

Lumen Lignum


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