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December in San Diego Pt 2

One of my priorities in San Diego was to produce a couple songs for an official #Spotify release. Last post left off just before Sabbath and Aric visited and Christmas with the family rolled around.

I had a second session at #PacificBeat with Allen and followed up by meeting with Jeremy Miller to finish production and mastering. I gotta say, time watching Jeremy do his thing was really great! He has a great ear and makes great suggestions for subtle effects to polish a song. He's a keyboard player for a #DaveMatthews cover band and runs The Local #openmic.

Let's see, gosh, these are pictures of Tony Navarro, Elijah Reed, Andrew, Oso Guapo, Malachi and Patrick. All good #musicians and regulars here at #thelocal. Definitely became one my favorite Sunday night hang especially with the drink specials.

I met #KrystalDyer and tried hard to document her #livepainting sessions. She's friendly nd down to earth, too, for an #artist living in #california >_<

So anywho, moving on to Aric and Sabbath's visit...

Aric grabbed a place close to #gaslamp quarter. The first night we went about was almost exclusively clubbing. I found out I can kind of do the worm (LOL!).

We saw some of the notable places like Tipsy Crow and heard some stuff about a carousel bar and a real speakeasy. We didn't find either, but we did get a funny tequila drink that was like a smoky bubbly cauldron. We spent time in #lajolla, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach at my recommendation. They got to meet my #mom (Few Flagstaffians have had the pleasure!) and kick it for a weekend. I dragged em out for the Local open mic as well. Told you I loved that place :)

For Christmas My brother, Sis in law, niece, nephew, Mom and Matt all spent the afternoon together. My niece is pictured here being a prolific artist. We laughed as she grabbed page after page to make new kinds of marks, shapes and colors. They were hung up in the hallway because fridge space ran low! The landscapes are views from #OceanBeach neighborhoods. (The airport is quite near)

One of the big things I did for myself as a musician (and person) was to create a grounding routine aside from cooking breakfast. I began to hold myself accountable for technical progress on guitar and stick percussion. I spent at least an hour each day walking down to the beach and playing on my practice pad and guitar with a metronome.

In this time, I've gone from 16th note rolls at 150bpm to about 170 or 180 when I'm fully primed and warmed up. I also cycled through different paradiddle arrangements until they became fluid through transitions and recovery.

I also began adding some songs to the repertoire such as Carole King, Eye of the Tiger, Cake, and Harper Valley PTA.

I spent a little time contacting venues in Cali and AZ for I knew I would need to return to Flag for #iheartpluto and to reup on some income. I have established a new relationship with #ChinoValley Log Cabin, Kingman's Cellar Door and Dirty Dough and even re-established with Wanderlust Brewing here in Flag.

Finally, I began a podcast with Trevor Benjamin regarding the work and trials involved in becoming a working musician.

I'm currently writing this installment on my Birthday, March 10. I'm very excited to have reconnected with friends new and old. I'm playing with the excellent musicians in DuB and Down again, I'm working with my hands and body for old work acquaintances, and I'm picking up lessons and jam sessions as well as learning to connect and be calm in my leisure time. I have the general pull to stay busy because I have a lot of energy. I get bored easily. I am highly functional and capable. So I have learned to busy myself in a productive way so that energy has a place aside from getting me "In trouble"! :D

Be on the lookout for 3 #animalsongs released soon on Spotify!

If you haven't gone yet, follow my 6 official releases online!!!

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