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Long story short on this one, I bought a van and began to outfit it with modifications and extended camping gear. I picked up the battery pack and hooked it up to a central area of the van via power strip. I built a platform to sleep on. I have food storage and containment. I am ready to hit the road! I'm going all in you might say!

It was an eventful June and July, sadly I missed the update through June. I have been grinding pretty hard to keep relationships and credibility and income stable.

My last post has more information about the transition, but suffice to say I plan to make myself useful while I'm on the road.

Along with raking and gigging and taking handyman work, I make a point to support other musician friends. Skum Drops are a spacey, groovy band with a lot of spiritual influences.

I've been picking up work with #dubanddownwiththeblues including a great trip out to Bullhead where I experienced the casino life for REAL

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