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August was a good month! First of all, I began official #vanlife.

Here's an in-progress check-out of the house:

I had a variety of gigs, even going down to #Prescott. I played with a variety of folks from acoustic spiritual #singersongwriter to #HipHop and #Rock. I also am in full swing running the Firecreek #OpenMic and the Pizza Patio #Karaoke.

Early in the month I had a big scare with the #HVAC box in the van. #Antifreeze had been disappearing magically from my reservoir; I don't know much about #vehiclesystems so I just prayed it wouldn't bite me in the butt if I just kept refilling until I got a day to open things up and take a look.

Well, one day I punched the accelerator and saw antifreeze spewing onto my passenger floorboards. Of course the heat level began rising and things got real tense. I did a little research and found there's a workaround to bypass the HVAC box. Many trips back and forth from O'Reilly netted me the pieces needed to reroute the coolant.

It works so far!!

>_< >_< >_< >_< >_<

Here's a picture of when I open things up:

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Onward to music stuff....

One thing I'd love to point out is the Original Only Open Mic at the Mead Hall every first Tuesday. Matt runs this event and even records your set! That's an extra mile many don't spend the energy for!

Week 1:

Mead Hall


Dark Sky



The Mead Hall is a cool experience as Matt keeps things on-time and professional. I played a few songs, hung with a couple friends, had some mead, and eventually got some recordings back. Solid!

#Altitudes was cool as usual, we had a small incident with the rain but the show carried on. Thanks Trevor and Ivan for coming through! Thanks Altitudes for hosting and to the staff for being so cool!

#DarkSkyBrewing with #DuB was also a good time. I have been experimenting more and more with the #looppedal and also an #octavepedal. I'm pretty happy with the sonic choices and the thickness I can dial in.... but we still need drums! X)

#FlagstaffBrewingCompany was another good time. Even with some surprise cancellations it ended up rocking with myself and DuB and then closing with couple other rap artists. Thanks to all that came through!! Beau from the #Carbonics, Sage, Emery and Karin... that was a really fun night!

I hit the road immediately after to get to #Prescott and #MogollonVineyards. This also went very well and I took a day or two off to decompress from the move out and the fast paced month.

Week 2:


Firecreek DuB

Not a ton to report on this week except for a cool show at Firecreek with Alexi and Trevor Benjamin. We were joined by some Tucson folks and will hopefully reconnect through DuB and Down soon.

Week 3:

Filmed The Sequence

Dark Sky

Awa Kava

Big news in this week includes the demo recording of "The Sequence" ( at Pizza Patio. Sadly, that studio setup was short-lived and I am now looking for another housing for the recording equipment. I nabbed a cool minute of my loop experimentation at #AwaKavaFlagstaff. Check out "Soul In Your Eyes" on my instagram page under ecaroffino.

Week 4:





In this week I had a session with Amanda Orman, a wonderful singer-songwriter here in Flagstaff. We talked about her music and the possibility of adding percussion and recording! Spencer came through the Patio and played some music like a marathon runner! Thanks #spencervandevier!

I also visited #theFoundryFlagstaff for a 2nd session.

I played the cat song. I am currently editing the video that shows the results.



Hey, Flagstaff, thank you for being so AWESOME!!!! I feel life is in prime time right now. I am truly following my dreams and I am meeting people who are doing life exactly the same. From business owners to other creators, I am connecting with people that share my daily vision and drive.


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