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First Friday & Birthday Excitement : Another Musical Weekend

So last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Red McAdams and Ryan and Jessie Burnett at Liminal Flagstaff!!

What a wonderful time visiting and sharing music!

The next day, Sunday, I visited 101.5FM's DJ, Luis Avina, talked about the Flagstaff music scene, played some songs and relaxed.

After a trip to Mountain Tap and a week rendering media, I visited Awa Kava Open Mic Friday 3/5 and met some new friends. But first I stopped at the Renegade Art Festival at Liminal and chatted with Audra from Culture Connection. I wish I had stayed for the artists, but we got carried away at Awa Kava. :(

Thanks Kevin, Jordan, Sam, Maddie and Dillon!

The rhythm jam Saturday went pretty good and I spent a bit of today catching up on old video edits. The newest Slick Nick video will be a live documentation of the album being recorded! Did you see the rhythm video?

Anyways, lots of exciting stuff going on right now, including my costume party!

Looking forward to a fun month!!

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