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Farewell, PEAK School

I must begin this post with the most pressing thing which has caused drastic change in my life. The PEAK Charter School has closed its doors. There are several reasons I can't list as I can't do the owners and administrators justice with an incomplete explanation.

Basically, I am grateful to Ron and Paula Drossman as owners of the PEAK Charter and Tracy Braatz as Director. I feel my time in Flagstaff has been full of people who believe in me. From Vidal V and Blue Truck Handyman to Pasiovi Landscaping, Melissa and Brett, Spencer V, Kevin K, Alexandra... I have made some genuine long-lasting friendships.

Here are some pictures and memories. I wish I could include all the children that made me laugh and feel important.

Like I was really a good influence on the future!

The kids really steal your heart, and I learned great communication skills. I got to encourage their kid-liness. I encountered many challenges but enjoyed the ride.

I developed a lot personally. I owe that to the Vandevier Breaks and the local musicians around town that have supported me and have been kind!

But I also owe it to the administration and staff at PEAK. Tracy is supremely dedicated and knows how to be tough, fair, and gentle all at once. She works hard, too.

I hope I can somehow positively affect this many little humans again. I'm doing fairly in that goal! If you follow my social media you know the date of this journal is concurrent with a music session at the Library! I had 4 children all together. I was hoping for a large group but enjoyed the Pentet we created! Of course, Barbara hosted, attended and participated!

But back to PEAK. The thing about PEAK is Tracy and Melissa really tried hard to make it near flow-state for teaching. I was the Specials Music Teacher at PEAK School for 5 years. I have matured much over this time through hard work and soul-searching my purpose. I naturally feel passion that drives me to teaching and performing. You might say I think of "teaching" and "performing" as similar.

And they let me do it - gave me the freedom and trust I asked for when I employed convoluted or freshman plans. Tracy installed the shield in the front office herself. She and the Drossmans made sure the kids had the best technology and plenty of resources during the pandemic. That's a whole 'nother stoy!!!

Through the summer I did a lot of raking North of town. I played a lot of gigs (never enough), made some new connections, enjoyed myself immensely and made new friends. I've slowly chipped at my goal.

Things began to get real as I helped to finalize some work at PEAK. We hauled away private documents and items left over from buyers and donation pickup. I helped clean the grounds after the cinder bags were aged and broken. I helped repair drywall, paint in the lounge areas, take down fixtures and permanent boards. Hauled things away.

I have also delved deep into my time at Pizza Patio. It has grown and attracted a crowd. Some nights are at complete capacity by the fire pit! Steve has been investing in the place and making it the coolest spot to be. I have taken a liking to it and think he's doing an excellent job. Aziah drops by to spin fire, musicians like Amanda have performed, the electronic/burner community finds it attractive (Ive jammed guitar while the DJ spins), I still play regularly. They are even hosting metal shows hah!

Not to mention Firecreek has been starting up with Katie!

A really fun summer so far with lots of time management employed. So anyways,


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