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Cinco De Mayo, Grad Weekend, Mother's Day, OH MY!

Updated: May 12, 2022

So this past weekend was Grad Weekend sandwiched by Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day. It was a pretty busy sequence between the Pizza Patio show, the Rhythm Jam and Mountain Top Tap Room.

I started off Thursday helping to move a piano, that was surprisingly painless with the group we had. I got to take some time in Paradise north of Buffalo Park.

And the evening i was joined by a wonderful crowd of musicians and spectators at Pizza Patio. Jeremiah, Spencer, and Dead Bugh were among the performers. Trevor and I played some music before and after and had tons of fun, with a good response to the instrumentals as well.

I had time some time to myself for First Friday, but of course I had to make the rounds and see what was going on, like Awa Kava's open mic. That's right, I also saw Ruff Stuff at Annex!

Apparently they are doing quite well for themselves. Ready to go on tour, or something like that? Pretty neat!

Saturday was the rhythm jam, thanks to Bill and Ray for coming out that event! Lots of fun. I may have to discontinue or alter for lack of participants. I might just go to the park instead of using Liminal's indoor space.

And finally, Sunday was the event I have been very excited about for a full month. I was able to get Matt Sarnoski to play some bass on stage at Mountain Top Tap Room. I will edit and post the video to YouTube as soon as I can.

EDIT: Here ya go!

I'm looking forward to Dub and Down's next three events coming up, May 13 at Orpheum, May 14 at Gopher Hole and May 18 at Monte V. Check Facebook for the events, or head over to the homepage to keep your eye on all the upcoming events I have planned, like the Musical Memorial Day!


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