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Birthday Thanks; Retrospective

I really have to thank all the people that came through for my birthday in March. Especially the performers: Spencer Vandevier, Jessie and Ryan Burnett, Logan and his friends. Vendors Sara Schurple, Amber Hope, Aziah, and Danny Foley.

It was a great time over spring break. My parents were in town, first of all! I had a costume party, went snowboarding (thanks Sophie!) and had a jam session with Matt Sarnoski. The MTTR Open mic was Monday, then I went to DuB and Down's karaoke Tuesday at Museum Club.

Wednesday I spent a little time with Bill Kelley doing up some song ideas, Thursday (St Patrick's Day) I played for Pizza Patio, and Friday, Sat and Sun I finally CHILLED OUT and watched Sophie play some Skyrim. I managed to get a little time with Katie Runells practicing some new covers.

I streamed on Baturday Night Live, did a DuB and Down gig in Bellemont (Thanks Jerry!), saw the Flag Five perform at Flagbrew attended a sweet show of Ivan and Trevor at Mountain Top, visited a party/photoshoot of Aric Platero, and last week I played the Bandolero's patio thanks to Myra Thomas.


Thanks again to everyone in and out of Flag that are helping me be successful. There's more news to come next month, but for now I think I should get a few more interviews done for Sara Schnurple, Aziah and Paige as I continue to develop my set list.

On that note, I'm looking ahead to organize a Cinco De Mayo party and a Memorial Day show. I'm also looking forward to another Baturday Night stream, some real polished cover and original videos, a rhythm video, more DuB shows, and a show at Mountain Top.

I can feel connections growing and I'm happy to be a part. Don't forget to drop a line if you've got a creative idea of your own!

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