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An Excellent First Feb Weekend

We began February with a Rhythm Jam on Saturday afternoon, 1pm. Big thanks to Ivan and Sophie for joining in on the discussion! We discussed "timbre" or "tone quality" such as the "brightness" of a triangle or tambourine and the "darkness" of a wood box drum. We also discussed the nature "Hit", "Shake", "Scrape". We experimented with using all shake instruments, all hit instruments, and all scrape instruments together. What creativity!!

Later that evening The Vandevier Breaks played at Hotel Monte V and it was a BLAST. Literally, the crowd asked us to continue playing for 4 extra songs after the scheduled time. Here is a clip of "Give It Back", a song written by drummer Kevin Kinghan. Cue the harmonica solo!!

And Monday Mountain Tap room was full of the regular boisterous crowd! I would post a video but the camera placement was not ideal and most of the sound is talking patrons. But the good news is Jessie and Ryan Burnett made contact after a year of internet friendship!

BTEEDUB Eric will play with these two at another event at Liminal Flagstaff Feb 26th. Current time is set for 3-6PM, stay tuned for updates and amendments. Find our Facebook event to be posted later!!

There's also my birthday costume party coming up with Spencer Vandevier, Dean Merrell, and Katie Runnells. Cant wait to see you all there!

Stay Creative!


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