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Eric is a Flagstaff, AZ singer-songwriter and guitarist.  He values the opportunity to deliver fun, upbeat entertainment during performances.  With an eclectic mixture of rock, pop and fiery instrumentals (Going way back to 1968: These Boots are Made for Walking!) elevated by a masterful use of effects and a loop station, he maintains engagement by providing a "musical adventure."

"Music is always about the moment," Eric says.  "Each song should be interpreted endlessly to match the room and the listener."  His original music is written with positive intent.  "People of the world will always need Music to relate to themselves and to each other.   We need reminders in dark times to support the final vision: Joy, love and community.”


In 2020, Eric was playing as guitar and vocalist in the rock trio The Vandevier Breaks.  Concerns about the pandemic motivated him to focus on a career as a solo performer and writer.  He is capable of collaborating with many diverse acts; these collaborations have allowed him to enjoy every venue in Flagstaff Arizona including The Orpheum, Gopher Hole, Charly’s at the Weatherford, Hotel Monte Vista, Dark Sky Brewing, Wanderlust Brewing, Flagstaff Brewing Company, kava, tea and coffee shops to name a few.

 His collaborations include live Hip Hop with DuB and Down, session work for producers and writers, various pick-up gigs for churches and markets, jam sessions and open mics (which he often hosts) and an ever-expanding variety of creatives as he travels the Southwest.  He considers it a priority to be a curious, collaborative and well-rounded performer.  eCaroffino Creatives is a result of that passion.

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Check out the Original Live Demo Performance of "The Sequence" at Pizza Patio Studios! :D
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