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"The Sequence"
Single Release


Current Operation Schedule:

9/1/22:: Record Demo Video Of Song

9/8/22:: Finalize Demo Video

9/10-9/11/22:: Public Promo & Fundraising

9/17-9/18/22:: Public Promo & Fundraising

9/18:: New incentive content posted for Patreon Supporters! (VAN LIFE VIDEOS!)

10/12-10/13:: First Official Video Session

Paige and I are very excited to try out new ideas, techniques and equipment.  Between both of our busy schedules we try to get regular video sessions to explore our arts.  The edit below was casually shot with her digital camera and my camera phone in Flagstaff AZ.  "The Sequence" is a song which reflects on my cycles of growth and exploration.  Between successes and failures I find there is always a "reason" for negative and positive outcomes even when I couldn't understand the whole "sequence" of events as they led up.

The opening line is my reminder... though I am often thirsty for success and growth, I have to temper myself and let the Universe guide!


Check out our current demo!  I would like to really put the time in to make this a professional release!

"The Sequence" Demo Video

Please consider helping to fund the production of this single!  I would like to hire actors, musicians and engineers  to help make this a truly polished and professional release.

****Last 4 numbers for Venmo: 1691

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