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Announcement: The Slick Nick EP is Ready!!

Would you like to see 5 new tracks produced in conjunction with Flagstaff-local video, audio and music specialists? We've been working since November to put together a high-quality collection of content conceptualized during the mask-wearing days of COVID. We want to share this project's wonderful moments with you...!

Be on the lookout for a plethora of fun and entertaining promotional material to be released over the next month. This 2-year journey takes us from silly animal videos to dirty satire, from bedroom recordings to studio session, from writing in solitude to teaming up with fabulous friends & creative minds.

Thanks to Sophie, Kevin, Laura, Spencer, Ivan, Bill, Hannah, Cooper, Amber, Aziah, Tyman, Ray and Paige of Lombardi Videography for this HUGE undertaking! We shot a lot of footage and had tons of fun on the Pizza Patio, Mount Elden and Buffalo Park, and in the Coven Sisters' backyard.

Do you want to be a part of the next project? The eCaroffino Creatives group loves to collaborate! Are you a marketer or do you work with video/photo? Do you write poetry, stories, music or skits? Send us message and find a partner to work with!

Track List:

  1. Slick Nick

  2. Magna Carta

  3. Soul in Your Eyes

  4. Standoff

  5. Wasn't I There?

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