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A Week in May With Dub

Hustle and Heart at the Orpheum was pretty dope though the band performed late. It was a long day, sound checking at 3pm and finally performing around 11pm. At least Spencer and I had time to grab Sosoba. Thanks for coming through Bella, Baraca, Kay, Dominic, Ivan, everyone!!

Gopher Hole was our first time including both new drummer Trevor Benjamin and Arian Elsass. I'm very happy to work with them! Our couple practices have been very productive and I look forward to sharing more chemistry onstage. We held it down for a bridal party and I'd estimate a good 100 people or more through the night. Thanks, Brad for your sound expertise!

Before you know it, Wednesday arrives and Hotel Monte V hosts us for the post-grad week. Show was fun and more familiar faces came through (Thanks Jackson and Carmen!)

Coming up this week: Singer-Songwriter Night at Firecreek (Wednesdsay) Pizza Patio (Thursday) Blues Night (Friday) and the Musical Memorial Day (Saturday).

Also, some local business features will come up on the community side of the page! Keep an eye out on the homepage for events and announcements!

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